1.1 Understand the Wallpaper Symbols

This link would give you an vision idea of the symbols: Understanding Wallpaper Symbols.


1.2 How many rolls do I need?

Step 1: Calculate the number of drops needed. Measure the width of each wall you want to cover in your room and divided by 53cm (the width of wallpaper roll). This will give you the number of drops.

Step 2: Calculate the length of wallpaper needed. Measure the height of your room, adding two times of 20cm (the access length of the top and bottom drop), plus the length of the stated pattern repeat, then multiple the number of drop.

Step 3: Calculate the number of rolls needed. Divided by the length of the roll (10m)

Step 4: Allow extra for any wastage or deduct the door/window. Highly recommend to purchase at least 1 additional roll or sometimes more if it is a big or challenging room. Consider how difficult the walls are. how skilled you are at wallpapering/DIY, how much or little you rounded up in Step 3.

Example: For a wall that is 4m wide by 2.4m high, using wallpaper which as a 32cm pattern repeat. The calculation would be:

Step 1: Calculate the number of drops needed. 

4m (wall width) divided by 0.53cm (wallpaper width) = 7.54 drops = 8 drops

Step 2: Calculate the length of wallpaper needed. 

[2.4m (room height) + 0.20m x 2 + 0.32m (pattern repeat) ] x 8 drops = 24.96m

Step 3: Calculate the number of rolls needed.

24.96m divided by 10m (wallpaper length of each roll) = 2.496 rolls. Rolls are sold in whole lengths so this rounds up to 3 complete rolls.

Step 4: Allow extra for any wastage or deduct the door/window.

Personal Choice


1.3 "Paste the Wall" vs "Paste the Product"

"Paste the Wall" wallpapers are some of the easiest to hang if you are not a professional. What makes the process simpler is the type of paper and the hanging process. "Paste the wall" wallpapers use a non-woven or "fleece" backing, with one very important advantage - they don't shrink and expand, making it much easier to get neat joins between each drop of the wallpaper. You then apply the glue directly onto the wall, and line the paper up onto this. Click here for our Hanging Instruction. Here is the YouTube Video - How to hang "Paste the Wall" Wallpapers

"Paste the Product" wallpapers are what most people think of when they think of wallpaper - your wallpaper comes in a roll, you paste the glue onto the wallpaper and then hang it on the wall. While this sounds straight forward, there are definitely a few tricks to getting a great result. Particular wallpaper types, like foils are particular difficult to hang. If you are interested in making this a DIY project, there is one really important tip - make sure you buy exactly the right type of paste for the wallpaper that you have purchased. Click here for the Hanging Instruction.



2.1 Currency

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2.3 Cancellation Policy

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